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2012 / Tokyo Japan, Fukushima Japan, Ibaraki Japan / Video installation

Training -And then, we will climb the rainbow-

2007-2013 / Performance and its recorded still image (Digital Silver Print)

2011 / Installation and video (14min 27sec, two screens synchronization and Loop), still image


run way


2012/Performance and its recorded video(56min 28sec, Loop) 



2006, 2007, 2008 / installation : confetti, video (three screens synchronization and Loop), etc


Designing Menu for Father and Daughter (Taipei)

2013-2014 / Video

Daughter Lecture on Taiwanese Table Manners with Father

2013-2014 / Video


2013-2014 / Video/ 40min

A model igloo / Fujizuka 

2008 / Digital Silver Print

Home with confetti

2006,2007/Digital Silver Print

Rainbow / Continental drift theory

2005 / Installation and video, still image, picnic mats

The tale of Hanadensha / tonshu tonshu

2002-2004 / Installation and video

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