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2011 / Installation and video (14min 27sec, two screens synchronization and Loop), still image



In two screens of video facing each other, various people is shouting their original onomatopoeia and the sounds is echoing each other as if they are on the top of a mountain. Before they shout in front of the camera, the shouters saw how the other shouters said before, then made shout as a respond to the last person’s shout. They do not know what the each onomatopoeia means and only guess from their sounds. The first person was actually asked to shout onomatopoeia meaning “I love you”.

In this work, I took up one question; how one can transform his/her thoughts to a person next to him/her in close relation. Considering this question, I thought onomatopoeia and Yamabiko (echo), which you use your body like a wind whistle, would be a clue.






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