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Training -And then, we will climb the rainbow-

2007-2013 / Performance and its recorded still image (Digital Silver Print)



Training –and then, we will climb the rainbow- is a series of photographs that caught a person’s action of “making a rainbow” by moving a part of his/her body in colorful cloth.

Friends of mine that I haven’t seen for a while happily asked me “have you lost your weight?” although I only changed my hairstyle. I have similar experience several times.  When my grandmother became disabled for sick the doctor told her “you will be able to walk and move your arms more smoothly after this rehabilitation”, so she worked hard on it. Since these two experiences, I am interested in a sort of form or shape of body that is preferred by others.

The instruction books of muscle training say it is effective to imagine your muscle being used. When you imagine your muscle as you do physical training, the pressure on muscle become higher than that when you do not imagine. As an image training of sports like boxing, you practice a certain movement imagining the opponent’s moving. When you are asleep and dream of yourself moving your body, you may actually move your muscle without realizing that you are dreaming. Your body makes shape as you imagine of and as others hope you to be just like the doctor proposed my grandmother a preferable shape of body. Our body is, therefore, shaped with both self-image and other’s image. 

Then I assume that a certain shape of body trained to become “favorable” to oneself and others could be regarded as a consequence of the meeting point of one’s desire and others’. The body shape as a result could be a sort of form co-generated by self and others that belongs to no one. It is like an empty land that is no one’s property.

Training –and then, we will climb the rainbow- is a series of photograph of people training/rehabilitating to make an image of rainbow. We used our own body and each movement was made by ourselves. However, I suppose that it could be a sort of communication with distant others through the image of rainbow as a meeting point with the body training.





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