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I produce artwork using various media including video and photography and Installation art. My work focuses on the process of communication between people. It revolves around the keyword of “form.” Form is a part of every custom. It exists in dialogue, in meals, in our everyday gestures. For example, we Japanese bow when we greet others. By bowing, we show our respect for that person. Bowing is a pattern of behavior that everyone uses to ensure smooth communication. In other words, it’s a form ingrained in the Japanese lifestyle.In this way, some sort of form tends to emerge when people interact and make an effort to connect with each other.

Through a research on people’s daily behaviors or local customs such as a conversation between father and daughter, a folk dance and a story passed down by word of mouth, I find such form of communication taken in each situation. When such forms of communication are re-applied to people, we can see the influence of our behavior to a process of understanding of others.

Strangers recognizing that they will forever be strangers, and yet making the effort to connect with each other—this, I believe, is the definition of happiness. My work does not depict the happiness that comes after communication succeeds. It depicts the process of strangers making the effort to communicate. The “form” at the center of my work represents the effort that people make to be someone in order to connect with another someone.

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